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Elevate your senses and adorn your space with  our enchanting Cactus Bloom candle, a fragrance that seamlessly blends the freshness of green botanicals with the timeless allure of florals, resulting in a truly beautiful and elegant olfactory experience.


As you ignite the wick, the candle's top notes of Aloe and Agave burst forth, like the first rays of the desert sun. Aloe's soothing, succulent aroma mingles with Agave's earthy sweetness, creating an initial impression that is both refreshing and grounding. These top notes set the stage for the journey that unfolds.


The heart of this fragrance reveals itself with the lush combination of Chrysanthemum, Green Floral, and Green Leaves. These middle notes transport you to a hidden oasis within the desert, where delicate Chrysanthemum blooms dance in harmony with fresh, green foliage. The result is a symphony of floral and botanical scents that evoke the vibrant life hidden beneath the desert's surface.


The base note of Patchouli anchors this olfactory masterpiece, adding depth and sensuality to the overall composition. Patchouli's rich, earthy aroma adds a sense of elegance and sophistication, giving the Cactus Bloom candle a lasting and memorable quality.


Top:  Aloe, Agave

Middle:  Chrysanthemum, Green Floral, Green Leaves

Base:  Patchouli


Volume:  12 oz 

Diameter:  3.75

Height:  4.1

Burn Time:  60 hours



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