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     "Scents are powerful because they can transport us to a time and place, awaken memories, and evoke emotions. They have the ability to turn the mundane into the magical." - Roja Dove

Welcome to e.  maree candle boutique, a luxurious candle business founded on a passion for fragrance and a love of creating beautifully scented candles.

I started e. maree to share my lifelong passion for fragrance with the world. Growing up, my mother instilled in me a deep appreciation for perfume and its ability to transform moods and spaces. As I got older, I began exploring candles and discovered their unique ability to create ambiance and a sense of calm.

Driven by a desire to share these experiences with others, I set out to create a line of candles that was both luxurious and affordable. Each candle in our collection is hand-poured using natural, eco-friendly ingredients and infused with the highest-quality fragrance oils. Our scents range from fresh and floral to rich and woody, and we are constantly exploring new combinations to bring you the best possible sensory experience.  We look forward to continuing to delight your senses with our thoughtfully crafted scents.

Warmest regards,

e. maree

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